Sabbat (Jap)


Sabbat – Envenom
Label : Nuclear War Now! Productions – ANTI-GOTH 382
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered

Estado del producto : CD Nuevo


1 Bewitch
2 The Sixth Candle
3 Satan Bless You
4 Evil Nations
5 Devil Worship
6 Reek Of Cremation
7 Deathtemptation
8 King Of Hell
9 Eviler
10 Carcassvoice
11 Deadmarch
12 Reminiscent Bells

The iconic debut album of “Sabbatical Blacking Metal” and the first in a series of definitive reissues of early Sabbat albums, featuring a layout that remains as faithful as possible to the original version designed by Gezol and Evil Records.