Grand Belial’s Key


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Grand Belial’s Key – Mocking The Philanthropist
Label : Klaxon – KLX-34
Cassette, Album, Reissue

Estado del producto : Cassette Nuevo & Sellado y Descatalogado


A1 – Foul Parody Of The Lord’s Supper
A2 – Shemhamforash
A3 – Reflections Of The Coffin Lid
A4 – The Slums Of Jerusalem
A5 – Castrate The Redeemer
A6 – Sumerian Fairytale
A7 – At The Blessed Grotto
B1 – Savouring The Virgin’s Pessary
B2 – In Rapture By The Fenrir Moon
B3 – Demonarchy
B4 – The Centaur
B5 – Conspicuous Imagery Adorns The Nunery
B6 – The Seventh Enochian Key
B7 – The Holocaust Trumpeter